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“Sur tout, faites simple.”

At Field Pea Catering we create events worthy of celebration. Our team of classically trained chefs and engaging service professionals create heartfelt gatherings, using ingredients sourced with integrity, expert culinary techniques, and an elegant, yet understated presentation.


- Auguste Escoffier

Buffet Party

Full Service Events

Fully customized menu (including beverage offerings) and a full staff of servers and chefs to allow you to entertain with ease. Choose from our selection of passed hors d’oeuvres, grazing boards, plated entrees and chef stations, or combine your favorites from our Noble Food & Pursuits family of restaurants. 

Wedding Table Set

Weddings & Social

We work closely with you and/or your wedding planner throughout the entire planning process to create the most thoughtful and elegant accompaniments to the day. Custom menus and set-ups available, depending on your preference and the design of your venue. Field Pea takes care of everything, including mains, sides, and desserts all the way to linens, plates, and glassware, for a distinct and well-designed celebration.

Drop off & Corporate

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings presented in an understated, yet refined style. We deliver all items to you and set up before your event’s start time to ensure you are stress-free when your guests arrive.

“Field Pea and their team truly deliver an exceptional experience! Highly recommend for anyone looking to elevate their lunch catering game!”
Field Pea Catering
Purple Hull Peas at a produce stand.  Also known as Cow Peas or Southern Peas, Field Pea Catering
Field Pea Catering
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The Mighty Field Pea

This veggie is a wonder: When grown well and cooked simply, its flavor is unlike anything a store could offer or a chef could dream. As the legume grows, its roots add nitrogen to the soil to help our land and future crops thrive. That’s why the tiny field pea is our big inspiration. Field Pea gatherings are a celebration of ingredients grown, harvested, and prepared with purity, allowing you to relish in nature’s rewards. 

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